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    David Johnson


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      Tristan Thomas

      Implying that….?

    2. David Johnson

      Resolution isnt something that’s concrete. It all depends on ppi. Samsung’s OLED and their retina displays are at the max that human eyes can see, and they actually went higher than what we can see with their 1080p displays. Putting 2K on a phone won’t make anything any more noticeable since on a p hone we can’t tell the difference between them.

      i.e. My phone’s display hits 1080p, yet a flat-screen TV can only get 720p. It’s harder to do that in phones because it’s pointless.

    3. Tristan Thomas

      You mean the max that the human eye can see…at a particular distance according to 20/20 vision.

      At any rate, I’ve already that, at this point, most of this is simply marketing. Though, I’d love to see this 2k display right alongside the Samsung Galaxy S5′s display just for curiosity purposes.

    4. David Johnson

      No…not 20/20. It has nothing to do with 20/20.

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