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Is Navdy, the phone-connected Car HUD Worth the Price?

Gadgets. Gadgets. Gadgets. They make our lives easier and make the task we’ve long considered to be second nature even easier to deal with. Navdy, the device that displays a Heads Up Display for your car is no different.While Google and Apple fumble around to figure out how to get their products into future cars, Navdy seems to be the best solution for those of us whose current cars don’t and won’t support Google’s Android Auto or Apple’s CarPlay offerings.

Unlike CarPlay and Android Auto, Navdy’s screen seemingly displays itself on your windshield and makes it appear as if the information is being displayed 6 feet out in order to limit how much you have to focus on the information rather than the road.

Navdy can be connected to both Android and iPhone devices and is optimized to take advantage of common apps like Google maps so that you don’t have to use your phone for navigation or looking down at your car’s center console.

A particularly cool feature of Navdy is that it supports gesture-based controls; to answer a phone call, all one has to do is gesture with a thumbs up, and it will answer the call. It’ll also show you who is calling by displaying their picture in the HUD.

Navdy also features voice controls that can be used to respond to text messages and update your social media. One can make the argument that people shouldn’t be updating their social media while driving, but the fact remains that people do it regardless. This should make the experience safer. Messages can also be read aloud by Navdy.

According to The Next Web

On a typical bright and sunny summer afternoon in the city, the display was crisp and clear, which is vitally important for HUD.

Navdy takes it a step further when attached to the car’s console since it’s powered by the car’s onboard diagnostics two (OBD2) port which enables the bonus of sharing the RPMs and speed with the HUD. Note that this is a requirement in all cars made in 1996 and later.

But is Navdy Worth It?

If you buy Navdy during the 30 day pre-order stage, it will cost you $299. If you wait too long and end up getting it after the 30 day pre-order stage, Navdy will run you $499. The Next Web notes that…

The team is hoping to hit $60,000 through these initial pre-orders. It’s crowd funding the device one its own without Kickstarter or Indigogo.

The price does seem terrible high considering that there are significantly cheap alternatives. However, none of those alternatives will truly over what Navdy offers which is the convenience of using your smartphone without the dangers involved while using your smartphone. You can buy a dashboard mount, but there will be moments where you will still have to take your main focus off of the road in front of you. For those of you who believe that the price of safety is never too much, this may be the purchase for you, especially since the amount of death caused by teen texting is racking up.

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