Earlier this week, we touched based on how Navdy wants to get into your car and perform as your heads up display (HUD). Due to a hefty price tag, we only recommended that you should get the Navdy if safety is a top concern of yours or if you just have the cash floating around and want to test out the Navdy.

However, for those of you who like the idea of the Navdy but simply could not afford it, we may have a solution for you. After going back and reading the Navdys blog page, we discovered a way to knock some serious bucks off of the Navdys price. Its even possible to knock off the full pre-order price of $299.

Get Navdy Free

If you want Navdy to be yours for free, youll have to rack up ten willing friends. The guys over at Navdy will knock off $30 for each referral you give to them. Once you hit ten referrals that Navdy will be free. The process sounds a lot easier than you think unless you have friends who can not only afford the Navdy, but want to put it in their car as well.

Even if you fall short of finding ten referrals, each referral that you can get will lower the price for you so theres absolutely no harm in trying, especially if this is a product you would buy at the pre-sale full price.

We also didnt mention in our previous article that those who pre-order the Navdy will get it before it is actually launched. The guys over at Navdy explain the reasoning for this being

Backers will have early access to the Navdy device so that they can provide feedback and help guide the app development process as the company ramps up to a wider release.

Simply means the version early adopters may get might not align with the version that comes with paying $499 for the ramped up wider release.


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