Moto 360 Will Cost $250 According to Best Buy [Leaks]

Thanks to the guys over at Droid-Life, we now know that the yet to be released Moto 360 will go on sale at Best Buy for $249.99. It would seem that Best Buy accidentally put up a page for the Moto 360 that detailed how much the Android Wear powered smartwatch would be, the specs of the Moto 360 as well as which features Best Buy thinks should be highlighted. The listing from Best Buy has been removed but, thanks to Droid-Life we have a screenshot at the end of the article.

The $249.99 price point for the Moto 360 is the same price point that was leaked on accident during a Motorola Moto 360 contest that was held a few months ago. The interesting part is that Motorola initially denied that $249.99 would be the price of the Moto 360.

According to the Best Buy page leak, the Moto 360 will feature Corning Gorilla Glass 3 protection, 1.5-inch back-lit LCD touchscreen display with 320 x 290 resolution (which measures in at 205 pixels per inch) and measures 1.8 x 1.8 x 0.4 inches, weighing 2.1oz.

One of the more surprising hardware inclusions involves the support for Wi-Fi 802.11n. We were always under the impression that the Moto 360, or any Android Wear watch for that matter would simply connect via Bluetooth to an Android phone and pick up an internet connection through the phone. By having it go through WiFi, this will save users on their data plans and battery life.

Other hardware features for the Moto 360 include 512MB of RAM, Wi-Fi 802.11n support, Bluetooth 4.0, heart rate sensor, an ambient light sensor, and while we don’t know the battery capacity, best buy refers to the Moto 360’s lithium-ion battery pack ready to provide “long-lasting operation.”

As previous leaks suggested, the Moto 360 will be water-resistant (the Moto 360 will not be waterproof) for up to 3.3 feet and can sustain that depth for up to 30 minutes at a time. The Moto 360 will have a stainless steel case, plastic back and a leather band.

While Best Buy has given us the most information so far when it comes to the Moto 360, the one thing we do not know is when the device will ship. That news will more than likely be first heard at Motorola’s event on September 4th.

Here’re the features for the Moto 360 that Best Buy thought was worth highlighting:

Compatible with most devices with an Android 4.3 or later operating system
For wide-ranging use.
Bluetooth 4.0 technology
Enables wireless syncing to select devices for hassle-free connectivity.
Voice activated
Allows you to use spoken commands to operate the smart watch via the built-in microphone.
Vibration alert
Discreetly notifies you of important events.
1.5″ backlit LCD touch screen
With 320×290 resolution and 205 ppi makes it easy to navigate features and provides easy-to-read visuals. Corning Gorilla Glass 3 construction offers durability and an adjustable brightness allows custom use.
Built-in optical heart rate monitor (PPG)
Helps you achieve or stay within your ideal heart rate range.
Built-in pedometer
Measures the number of steps taken, so you can easily monitor your fitness progress throughout the day.
Digital watch interface
Provides crisp, clear readouts of the time and date. Built-in alarm and calendar features help you stay on schedule.
Waterproof up to 3.3′ for up to 30 minutes
So you can safely wear the watch while swimming or engaging in other aquatic activities.
Stainless-steel case and plastic case back
Offer durability. The adjustable-length Horween leather band and metal buckle closure deliver a secure, comfortable fit.
Built-in lithium-ion battery pack
Provides long-lasting operation. The battery-strength indicator lets you know when the battery needs to be powered via the included dock and charger.
Texas Instruments processor
Helps ensure fast, efficient performance.

Best Buy Moto 360

Best Buy Moto 360

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