Omote Provides Digital Make Up for the Digital Age

Just when you thought that nothing could become more digitized than it already is, Omote threw out a prototype to prove us all wrong. The Omote system allows for real-time mapping tool that allows for makeup to be digitally placed on the models face.

Yeah, the real-time reflection LURI sounds like a big gimmick but after watching the video we were left simply amazed by how accurate and intriguing the system is. In the demo, the model allows for Omote to scan her facial features so that it can be accurately mapped. Afterwards, Omote goes to work by rendering a few makeup scenarios and can even change the models eye color and size and finishes the video with some cool robotic visual effects.

So far, we can already tell what the limitations of Omote are. For instances, we noticed that the women never gets up out of her seat and never even cracks a smile. However, she did move her face a decent amount of times from left to right and up to down and even closed her eyes and reopened them to new eye colors. Its a work in progress.

In a practical sense, Omote would be extremely useful on a larger scale if Omote were able to map the entire body. Rather than having models to charge theyre makeup and clothing so often during fashion shows, using Omote to map these features out would save on a lot of time. Though, Im sure theres a ton of other uses for Omote out there. Can you think of any?

Omote comes to us thanks to the work of Nobumichi Asai and his team of digital designers, CGI experts, and make-up artists. At this point in time, we do not have any specifications regarding the Omote or when it may be available for public usage or even if this thing will come to market at all.

Be sure to check out the video if you havent already.

Source: Nobumichi, via Engadget

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