Moto 360 Sells Out in Less Than an Hour

Moto 360 Sells Out in Less Than an Hour

Moto 360 Sells Out in Less Than an Hour

The most anticipated Android Wear smartwatch was available to buy at 12 pm EST. Within just an hour of its launch, the Moto 360 was sold out. The Moto 360 was being sold at online retailers that include Google, Motorola and Best Buy. Before 1 PM EST could arrive, all three had run out of Moto 360 stock.

Motorola has been hyping up this product for almost eight months. While we don’t have specific numbers, we can make an assumption that the Moto 360 should have been a well-stocked product. We’d love to give an estimate on how many Moto 360’s were sold. Sadly, the wearable market is just too new to come up with anything more than a random number. So we’ll just have to wait for an official word from Motorola.

The interesting part is that the Moto 360 received some tough criticism. The Moto 360 was often referred to as having a flat-tire design, being too big and having an insufficient battery life. In addition to tough criticism, the Moto 360 wasn’t the first Android Wear to launch. LG and Samsung launched their efforts months before the Moto 360. That indicates that people were truly holding out for the Moto 360.

Despite the criticism and being late to the party, Motorola still managed to sell out the Moto 360. Since all Android Wear smart watches more or less do the same thing, sales will come down mostly to design preference. The status quo seems to be that people want smart watches with a round face.

Despite the fact that the Moto 360 has sold out, Apple fans are still betting that the iWatch will do better than the Moto 360. That’s an interesting thought to have considered there has been no physical proof or leak regarding Apple’s iWatch.

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