New Moto G is the best Smartphone Per Dollar

Motorola’s best selling phone just got a major upgrade. Motorola announced today a bigger, better and faster Moto G. The best part of the new Moto G isn’t what it can do, but how much less it can do it for.

The Moto G(2) has a 5 inch HD display, an all-day battery, a blazing fast quad-core processor, and the purist Android experience all for just $179 off contract. All of this adds up to the Moto G(2) being the best smartphone out there per dollar.

The guys at Motorola spent countless hours talking to customers around the world. Motorola wanted to know what potential customers wanted in a smartphone. The result was the original Moto G that launched in 2013. Now, a year later, Motorola’s latest iteration sets a new bar for both the price of high-end smartphones and the feature sets of low-end smartphones.

Screen and Speakers

The biggest changes between the 2013 Moto G and the 2014 Moto G belongs to the screen and the speaker. Customers requested a bigger screen and Motorola delivered .5 inches on top of the original’s 4.5 inches. The original Moto G has only one speaker at the back. The new Moto G(2) has dual speakers. One of which is at the top, while the other sits at the bottom of the phone.

SD Slot and SIM Cards

Another noticeable mentions was the inclusion of an SD card slot and two SIM card slots. Motorola claimed that the lack of an SD card was a huge problem for customers in emerging markets. I don’t think anyone would ever mind having the option for expandable storage. Apple and other manufacturers need to take notes.

15 Replaceable Back-plates

The Moto G also features replaceable backs. At the moment, there are currently 15 different color options through Motorola. Motorola is claiming that they have had people buy all 15 and swap them out depending on how they felt that day.

Aesthetically speaking, the Moto G(2) contains much of the design langue we saw in the original. This is still a good thing. Motorola also bumped up the camera to an 8-megapixel camera, plus a 2-megapixel sensor on the front.

Just because the Moto G(2) is a cheap smartphone, doesn’t mean it’s cheap on hardware or software efforts. Motorola is scoring huge points for listening to what consumers want rather than behaving like the other companies who simply tell you what you need.

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