Will the iPhone be Compatible with the Moto 360
Will the iPhone be Compatible with the Moto 360
UPDATE: The Moto 360 has been hacked to work with the iPhone. Read More.
Sometimes we here at Tech Analyzer write believing that our audience has a background of knowledge with technology. Because we assume this at times, we leave out key information. The missed out information often leads to a gap in knowledge. So, for the more tech-savvy of us out there, this one is strictly not for you. But believe it or not, a lot of users come to Tech Analyzer wondering whether or not the iPhone will be compatible with the Moto 360. So we are making sure that everyone who comes to Tech Analyzer can leave with an answer.

Is the Moto 360 Compatible with the iPhone

The quick answer would have to be no. The iPhone is not compatible with the Moto 360 or any Android Wear device for that matter. The Moto 360 runs an operating system that is solely for the purpose of extending the Android operating system. There’s no hardware stopping the iPhone and Moto 360 from being compatible. However, the software between the iPhone and Android Wear are on two different spectra.

Usually, Google isn’t afraid to venture off into cross system compatibility. With Android Wear, it seems that Google is more interested in building the Android ecosystem than sharing all their goodies.

Your Next Option to get the Moto 360

We previously touched based on whether or not we thought that the Moto 360 would make iOS users want to switch. By Google focusing on projects that are made for Android only, it will make more users think long and hard before either switching to or from Android.

So if you’ve got an iPhone and are interested in the Moto 360, the best thing to do is to wait to see what type of wearables Apple will be announcing next week. If Apple’s news isn’t music to your ears and you want the Moto 360, you will have to get yourself an Android device. You’re in luck, too! You can get the Moto G and the Moto 360 for a total of $430. Which just so happens to be the price of a new iPhone.


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