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Nexus 6 vs iPhone 6: Which Has the Best Performance?

Nexus 6

Nexus 6

As the rumors suggested, Google is partnering with Motorola for the next Nexus device. Officially, the Nexus device has no name but has often been referred to as the Motorola Shamu, the Nexus X and more popularly, the Nexus 6.

The guys over at Geekbench were able to obtain the benchmarks for Nexus 6. The result for the single-core score was 1040 while the multi-core score came in at 3199.

The iPhone 6 still reigns king when it comes to the Geekbench 3.2 single-core score with a 1630 (higher is better). When it comes to multi-cores, however, the Nexus 6 (Motorola Shamu) not only outperforms the iPhone 6, but has the best score to date as far as smartphones go. Overall, the Nexus 6 placed third in the single core score results with the iPhone 5S and iPhone 6 takes second and first, respectively.

Multi-cores vs. Single-core

To give some context to the iPhone 6 and Nexus 6 core comparisons, we’ll first give you a brief history of how multi-cores came about in the first place. Years ago, computers were getting faster CPUs at a rapid rate. The idea that by simply raising the clock speed of a single core processor would give better performance hit a hot wall. Around the 4GHz mark, these single cores would heat up at a rate that required a heat sink and fan almost as big as a power supply to keep the CPU cool.

The solution to the overheating of the single-core was multi-core. By dividing the processing task among the multiple cores, manufactures were able to keep heat generation to a minimum.

Although the story refers to computers, smartphone manufacturers ran into a similar problem. Since smartphones are made to be small, there isn’t much space for cooling components. So the obvious answer was to make sure components didn’t get hot. Instead of putting 2GHz CPU in a smartphone, manufactures started to make dual core chips that clocked in at 1.2GHz.

Going back to the iPhone 6 and Nexus 6 comparison, the iPhone 6’s single-core can handle more task than the Nexus 6, but the Nexus 6 can handle more task overall in comparison. In my opinion, the single core comparison isn’t as useful for real world usage. Comparing the total performance of the phone and not just a part of the phone should be used when deciding on your next smartphone.

Sorce: Geekbench, via BGR

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