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Review Giveaway: VAAS iPhone 5/5S Battery Case

VAAS iPhone 5/5S Review and Giveaway

VAAS iPhone 5/5S Review and Giveaway

The VAAS case is a rather simple case. It’s a rubberized protective case to protect against most types of falls, 2200 mAh of battery backup (which is about 1.5 times more than the standard iPhone 5 battery, 1.4 times that of the 5S), a kickstand, and features an on/off button in the front when you don’t want to use your case to power your phone. There are four blue LEDs that indicate charging and the amount of energy left in the case. With the phone in the case, it adds about 1/3” to the iPhone’s length.


This case protects more than half the phone, save the screen. After a few drop tests, it seems that the case if fairly rigid and can withstand drops from several feet unscathed. One problem with the case is that lack of protection for the screen. There isn’t a bumper nor elevated edges to prevent screen cracking if the phone falls faced down. Considering the lack of any type of screen protection, the case would probably fall in the category of mediocre when it comes to protection.

Battery Backup

The amount of power in this case was unexpected of me. To turn it on, you just press the small, silver power button on the front at the bottom left of the case. With my iPhone 5, I ran many tests to see exactly how much more battery life I was given and it was more than needed. With my iPhone at 5%, in standby (screen off) and the case fully charged, I was able to get to 100% on my phone with only two of the lights now dimmed.

After taking my phone out of the case and using my phone until 50%, the backup battery brought me to around 96% until fully discharged. Case charges and discharges at 0.5A, which is roughly half of the standard Apple charger, so it would in theory take about twice as long to charge the phone. The difference between the two isn’t enough to discard the case. The older iPhone chargers and iPod Touch chargers are around that same range (0.5A). Also, the case turns itself off after a few minutes when the iPhone is at 100%, something many people may not like.


The case fits around the phone seamlessly. There are sound holes near the bottom to redirect sound from the mic outwards, towards where the screen is facing instead of down. This goes the same for the microphone. The kickstand was fairy difficult to unhinge, maybe it was just this particular case. After finally unhinging it, the kickstand was broken so there isn’t much to mention, granted, I never had a need for the kickstand to begin with. There are five main issues I’ve found that are fairly inconvenient:

1. The power button is a bit recessed into the case, making access to it a bit tricky. It takes some time getting used to it, but instead of just using the tip of your finger to press the button, you’d have to press somewhat hard.

2. The power button on the case can easily get pressed accidentally, so your iPhone could be charging without your knowing it.

3. In order to charge your phone, you must turn the case on. If you’re connected to a computer or a laptop while synching or tethering, the case can turn itself off and interrupt your connection or sync because your phone’s battery is at 100%.

4. The audio jack is also receded, similar to the power button. The problem, however, with this is that you won’t be able to use many of your own headphones or speakers with this case. I wasn’t able to use my Sennheiser headphones, but I’m able to use the Apple headphones. So anything that’s slim like the stock headphones will work. If you have an L-shaped audio plug, it won’t fit, along with plugs thicker than the Apple headphone’s.

5. With the lack of use, the case discharges fairly quickly. With my iPhone not in the case and the case fully charged, within two days, the case indicated a loss of about 50% stored energy (two blue lights now dimmed).


The VAAS Battery Case is a solid case that does what it’s advertised to do. Purely for its purpose, it excels in proving backup power in case you need it (pun definitely not intended). Serving as an all-purpose case, it’s at most mediocre. It’s clear that VAAS’ sole purpose was to have a semi-protective case that could bring a dead iPhone back to life completely and still have some energy left. I would recommend this to anyone who is a heavy user of their phone.

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