Is Samsung Making Fun of Aluminium Phones in the Galaxy Note 4 Drop Test?

Samsung has become the master of both subtle and forthright advertising. We’ve seen their straightforward call-outs of iPhone users being called wall huggers. Today, Samsung released a video similar to their bend test video. In this particular video, Samsung puts their Galaxy Note 4 through a series of drop test. For the last drop test, Samsung puts the Galaxy Note 4 against…an aluminum can…to see just how well the Note 4 compares to the aluminium soda can. The only reason we can associate to Samsung’s comparison is a subtle shot at phones like the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and the HTC M8.

Galaxy Note 4 Waist Level Drop Test

In the first drop test, Samsung drops the Galaxy Note 4 on sheet of solid granite with a rough surface. Granite registers a 7 on the natural hardness scale (the scale is set based off of the hardest of a diamond which is a 10). The test is done at various heights that a typical person may be holding their Galaxy Note 4 and is done at various angles. While not shown in the video, Samsung does the same test on solid metal surfaces (not sure when we’d be standing on one of those) with a smooth surface. Samsung claims that the Note 4 is dropped hundreds of times in this manner.

Samsung Automatic Drop Test

Samsung uses a pretty cool rig that drops four Galaxy Note 4s, sweeps them back into the lift and repeats to process over and over. Like the waist level drop test, the automatic drop test is done at various heights and random angles.

Galaxy Note 4 Tumble Test

Here’s where Samsung turns a PR opportunity into an advertisement against aluminum phones. During the tumble test, the Galaxy Note 4 is tossed into an enclosed machine that simulates the Note 4 falling down a staircase. The test goes on for several hours so the Galaxy Note 4 can rack up several hundred revolutions.

After just 14 rotations, Samsung takes the aluminum Coke can out to give us an idea of what happens when aluminum tumbles down a flight of stairs. The picture below describes the scene better than words can.

Galaxy Note 4 vs Soda Can

Galaxy Note 4 vs Soda Can

Everyone should keep in mind that metal phones are more prone to denting. Aluminum, like most metals, don’t do too well when it comes to elasticity. So why does Apple chose to use Aluminum in their phones? hits the nail right on the head: “Leading companies such as Apple use recycled aluminum to achieve their aggressive sustainable manufacturing goals while building lightweight and artfully designed end products that delight customers.”

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