Sams Club Black Friday Deal: iPhone 6 for $99 On-Contract starting Nov. 15

If youve been planning on grabbing an iPhone 6 but just havent gotten around to it, your waiting may not have been in vain. Thanks to Best Black Friday, a new leaked internal document from Sams Club gave us some key information about their iPhone 6 and iPad Air Black Friday sales. Starting November 15th, Sams Club will start offering the iPhone 6 a $100 cheaper than if you were to get it through Apple with a 2 year contract. The iPhone 6 16GB will go for $99, the 64GB version for $199 and the 128GB version for $299 with a new two-year contract. In addition to the iPhone 6, Sams Club will also offer the iPad Air 16GB WiFi version for $100 off both in store and online.

As the document states, Sams Clubs that are located in the United States will each have between 40 to 50 iPhone 6 units on hand. If youre interested in taking advantage of either the iPhone 6 or iPad Air deal, be prepared to pay up some fees to Sams Club. Unless you are already a member of Sams Club, you will either have to pay $45 for an annual membership or they will add-on 10% of your total as a fee. So if youre only going in for the $99 iPhone 6, Sams Club will add-on $9.99 (excluding tax) on your purchase.

If youre interested in the iPhone 6 deal, be prepared to hit Sams Club before it opens on November 17th. Since the promotion actually starts before Black Friday, its not likely that it will be crowded. However, Id still advise you to show up early just to make sure youre able to secure your iPhone 6 or iPad Air.

Currently, the iPad Air is listed for $395 on Sams Club website.

Source: 9to5Mac

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