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Google Inbox Invitation Giveaway from Tech Analyzer!

Here at Tech Analyzer, we try our best to give back to our community. Whether it be products that we get to review or special software invitations, we like to make sure we give our readers the most opportunities to pick up some cool gadgets or software for free.

Last week Google launched a new product called Google Inbox. Like a few of their previous launches, Google Inbox is only accessible using an invite from either Google or someone who has already been invited. Thanks to Google, we just scored 3 invites and instead of giving them away to my friends and family, I’m going to give them to you! While we haven’t completed our write-up on Google Inbox, we strongly recommend this product over Google’s Gmail application and client. With proper configuration, Google Inbox becomes a beastly tool that you never knew you needed and will never want to depart from.

Starting with this giveaway and all giveaways to come in the near future, we will strictly use social media to decide on a winner. A winner (or winners) will be decided at random. First, we will randomly decide which social media account we will select the winner from. Next, we will randomly select a user from within that social media platform. This enables two things:

1. That you can win more than once when we have more than one giveaway for the same product.
2. That once you support us on social media, you will always be automatically entered to win a new product.

With that being said, simply follow us on one of the social media below:

Follow @tech_analyzer

The Google Inbox invite giveaway will end on 11/5/2014 at midnight (eastern standard time). The winner will be announced the following morning. Good luck to all who have entered!

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