Introducing Tech Analyzer 2.0!

Introducing Tech Analyzer 2.0!



Have you ever woke up one morning and realized that you stopped caring about what those who don’t matter think? One of my all time favorite quotes goes something like this: “those who matter don’t mind and those that mind, don’t matter”. That’s the direction I’ve decided to take Tech Analyzer.

For too long I was overly concerned about being “proper” and “professional”. I always look at tech blogs like BGR, The Verge, Engadget and Techcrunch in order to emulate them and their way of going about tech journalism. In fact, I tried to be like them so much that I was afraid of adding my own voice to my work. This caused me to go and waste my time and create a website called Droid Frost.

I’ve decided enough is enough.

I’m no longer interested in not being me. So, from this day forward, my writing on Tech Analyzer will change. It’ll become more personal, more biased and more opinionated. I’ve concluded that I’d rather write and talk about the things that interest me in hopes to attract those who have similar interest even if they are small and few. In other words, rather than focusing on attracting a quantity of readers, my only care is to attract quality readers that will read, share and comment on my work. Heck, I want to attract readers who want to post their own thoughts to my website.

With that being said…

Tech Analyzer is now offering PAID opportunities!

As a student that’s also working a full time job, I don’t get to write as much as I’d like too. So some recruiting is in order! So, for the moment, I’m currently seeking up to 3 other writers for a paid opportunity.

There are three ways to get paid:

1. Base Pay: We will want to uphold a standard for our writers. They will be required to do at least 10 articles a month in order to qualify for a base pay of $75. In the future their will be more tiers for higher base pay amounts. Until Tech Analyzer grows, it will be capped at $75.

2. Pay Per View: This is where most of your money will rain in from. We are offering $7.00 for every 1000 unique page views an article you’ve written for us gets up to a cap that will increase as the site gets bigger. If the cap is hit, it will roll over into the next month as needed.

3. Bonus Pay: In order to promote competition between the hired writers, which ever top 2 writers have the most page views for articles written in a particular month will receive 15% of Tech Analyzer’s profit for that month. However, this bonus will only be rewarded if Tech Analyzer experiences a 10 percent increase in unique page views for that month.

So there you have it. Welcome to Tech Analyzer 2.0!

Comments questions or concerns? Drop them in the comment section or contact me personally. Alternatively, you can get lost :)

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