Jabra Sports Pulse Review

Jabra Sports Pulse Review

Photo by Elaisha Green
Photo by Elaisha Green
Photo by Elaisha Green
Next on the wearable tech list is the Jabra Sport Pulse. These bluetooth enabled wireless earbuds are similar to J Bird Bluebuds; inner ear with soundbarrier like features and a cord that wraps behind the neck. However that’s where the similarities end. Paired with the Jabra Sport Life app (available for free on Google Play and the App Store) the Jabra Sport Pulse buds are an incredible add­-on to any workout regimen. The water resistant sport accessory can handle sweat, rain, water and other elements through it’s protectant rubber. The inner ear buds are designed to fit snugly and provide almost isolated sound with little environmental noise as users are provided with various ear­bud sizing options.

Results of stationary cycling
Results of stationary cycling

When paired with with the perfect ear size the headphones almost never slip out on their own and can definitely offer mid to good quality sound levels but are not extremely great. The fashionable design features black with bright yellow accents. The ‘pulse’ side on the left ear bud is marked with a yellow heart which is helpful when changing the rubber holders for sizing. The buds are charged via micro­USB with just a flip of the right ear rubber holder. Within 2.5 hours they are charged and ready for use for up to 5 hours. Packaged in a palm sized carrying case the headphones nestle perfectly into the mesh holder along with extra earbud sizes.

The smart headphones can be synched to the Jabra Sport Life app at the start of a workout while still playing music from your own playlist or from Jabra Music, another app from the brand. The inner­ear pulse measuring is ranked as more accurate than other wearable trackers. Users can choose from various activities in the Jabra Sport app including: cycling (stationary or free), walking (treadmill or free), hiking, running (treadmill or free). The body’s levels are measured, tracked and recorded while exercising. This feature is paired with customizable announced updates of the user’s tracked progression during the workout. Users can set to hit a goal and an update of customized and tracked information will ring out (and will announce over any playing music) of distance travelled, heart rate, caloric loss and what ‘training zone’ the user is in (fat burning, cardio training, intense training).


In all the Jabra Sport Pulse are a great pair of headphones and a good start for Jabra to break into the wearables market. We hope to see better sound quality and maybe a way to have stored performance tracking sync to other wearable teach like fitbits or Jawbones to measure low intensity performance as well.

Review Breakdown
  • Wearability
  • Functionality
  • Sound Quality


The cord is a bit long and tends to swing to one side but the design is sleek and doesn't slip out. Sometimes the Bluetooth cuts in and out during runs but the app is amazing for tracking and goal setting. Not the best sound quality but it works fine. and Overall: 3.5/5: have great potential but once the sound quality is boosted they'll be perfect.



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