UAMP: The Best Way To Increase Audio Quality on Smartphones

UAMP Connected to an iPhone

UAMP Connected to an iPhone

Kickstarter, a website based on people like you and me who fund people with great ideas has given birth to some of my favorite pieces of technology. From the Pebble watch to the Earin headphones, KickStart tends to provide a great opportunity to those who want awesome technology as soon as it launches and with UAMPS creative idea, a lot of people are already backing them.

The Kickstarter, created by Bartosz Kowalski & Joseph Chehade features an amp as a way to increase audio quality whenever using a 3.5mm headphones jack to produce your sound. At a glance, the Uamp seems small enough not to be cumbersome to those of you who desire better audio quality despite having to carry around an extra piece of equipment.

How Does the UAmp Work?

UAMP_5 (2)According to the Kickstarter page, the Uamp is connected to the audio source using the 3.5mm headphones jack and then you connect your headphones to the Uamp via the same method. The Uamp works by amplifying and magnifying sound so that it can maintain its audio quality even at higher sound levels of play.

In the Kickstarter video, a great point is made: “Every year we get better resolutions screens, faster processors computers and more gigabytes. Why is audio being forgotten?” While I myself have never complained about audio quality, I thought that the audio quality I received was at the hands of my headphones. But today I learned that mobile phones utilize internal amplifiers too (it was kind of a “duh” moment”. Then it started to make sense as to why audio isn’t always amazing in smartphones; great audio takes up physical space and would create a form factor no one would want it a smartphone. For this reason alone, I’m really interested in the Uamp.

How Much Does the UAmp Cost?

UAMP_6Thanks to the nature of Kickstart, early backers can snag the Uamp for a minimum price of $45 which will get you the UAmp black or silver anodize which includes free shipping. The $45 is 60 percent off of the suggested retail price. That means, once it actually launches, the device could retail for $75. I think that the $45 price point is the best way to go if you’re considering getting it now.

UAmp currently has 50/50 backers at this price point. You. You’re too late.

The next price point is for $55 which is the same thing but was available for up to 100 people.

The option that seems to be unlimited is to back for $65 or more which will get you the Uamp at a savings rate of 35% below the suggested retail value.

The Uamp is set to ship in July, 2015. At the current price point, for those of us who think audio quality is important, I believe the Uamp is worth every penny.

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