Jobr Facing One Major Bug for some non-iOS Users

Jobr Facing One Major Bug for some non-iOS Users

Looking to post some jobs on Jobr? If you don't have an iPhone, you might have to deal with this bug.


In case you missed it, Jobr finally released their Tinder-like app that helps to connect people who are looking for work with potential employers. Before reading about the Android launch over at Android Community, I never knew Jobr already existed albeit for the iOS platform only. Regardless, I thought the idea of simplifying job prospects with employers was really cool so I downloaded the app to give it a try. After all, I’ve been in the process of finding ways to bring some new writing talent to the site.

I downloaded the Jobr app from Google Play and was able to quickly set up my profile and skill-sets by logging in with my LinkedIn account (not required). It was super easy and connected me with quite the number of potential jobs in the surrounding area. However, the second I tried to put myself on the job-offering end rather than being on the job-search end, the usability (or lack thereof) of the Android app started to show it’s ugly face.

There’s absolutely no option to create a job profile through the Android app. I learned this by emailing the Jobr support team which responded to my inquiry within minutes. I was informed that you have to sign up on a computer to manage any job listings that you wanted to get posted on Jobr.

I thought it was a little odd but I wasn’t too concerned because I didn’t mind setting the account up on my laptop. So I gave it a shot by going over to recruiter portal as the support guy told me to do. Sadly, once I got there and signed in through my LinkedIn profile, I got the same message from when I tried in on my Nexus 6. The message read, “signup by hitting ‘recruiter mode’ in the app,” which wasn’t (and to the best of my knowledge, isn’t) an option on the Android app.

I quickly pointed out that using a computer yielded the same result as using my Nexus 6 to Jobr’s support guy. He quickly responded back noting that there was a bug causing some LinkedIn accounts to act up when signing up on an actual computer. After giving a brief explanation, he CC’d a lady named Tessa into the email thread and she explained with more detail what was going on and what could be done to resolve the issue. Here’s what she said:

Hi Tristan!

Our apologies again for the inconvenience. If you have a friend who has an iOS device, you can sign in with your LinkedIn info on the iOS app and then go into recruiter mode. Once you’ve done this, you can sign in without any issues on the web portal.

Or, if you would like, you can send me your LinkedIn email and a password (you should change this to one you don’t mind me seeing 😉 ) and I can sign you in on my iPhone and sign you up as a recruiter. Then I’ll log out and you can go ahead and sign in on the web portal.

I know this is a pain, but unfortunately it’s the only way around this at the moment. We haven’t fully targeted the bug, but it’s something to do with an aspect of certain users LinkedIn profiles.


While I did find their level of customer service to be very polite and responsive, the continued lack of effort by app developers for Android leaves me disappointed. It’s one thing that the app first came to iOS, but it’s something different when you finally launch an Android version and it lacks in major functions.

With that aside, I’m thankful that Tessa was willing to go to such lengths in order to give me the best experience possible by offering to sign into my account on my behalf to get the ball rolling given that I’m having to deal with a technical handicap because I have an Android phone. Ultimately, I was able to get around the bug by signing into my roommate’s iPhone.

Has anyone else have to deal with this? Are you even interested in using Jobr? Let me know in the comment section below.


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