The Best Apple Watch Review Yet

The Best Apple Watch Review Yet


Apple has been under heavy scrutiny more so for their botched launch of the Apple Watch than the Apple Watch itself. When you take into consideration that customers who ordered an Apple Watch just minutes after ordering was available would have to wait 1-2 months to get their watch, it’s quite understandable why the launch is being scrutinized.

While the Apple Watch has found it’s way to everyone except the commoners who actually paid for the device, one Apple Watch buyer (or should we say Apple Watch waiter) went ahead and wrote a review on the Apple Watch he is yet to receive.

The satire post written by Neven Mrgan (Morgan) has the perfect title for describing what probably is a common tone in the Apple Watch waiter’s camp.

In Mrgan’s  post, “My first week without an Apple Watch”, he uses wit and imagination to capture how he believes the Apple Watch will work.

In photos, the case has a pleasant matte feel. Its weight is 30 g, which I imagine feels light (something like 4 ounces?)

After much debate, I went with the larger, 42 mm case. And I’m glad I did; the interface is just easier to read when I hold up my arm to a life-size image of the watch.

Mrgan even goes as far as imagining how Siri would work:

“Siri is a crucial part of the Apple Watch experience. After a week of not owning the watch, I find that it’s much faster to pretend to invoke Siri than to pretend to launch apps from my wrist.”

The full post is definite worth the read. You should go and check it out.


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