Tech Analyzer is now offer PAID opportunities!

As a student that’s also working a full time job, I don’t get to write as much as I’d like too. So some recruiting is in order! So, for the moment, I’m currently seeking up to 3 other writers for a paid opportunity.

There are three ways to get paid:

1. Base Pay: We will want to uphold a standard for our writers. They will be required to do at least 10 articles a month in order to qualify for a base pay of $75. In the future their will be more tiers for higher base pay amounts. Until Tech Analyzer grows, it will be capped at $75.

2. Pay Per View: This is where most of your money will rain in from. We are offering $7.00 for every 1000 unique page views an article you’ve written for us gets up to a cap that will increase as the site gets bigger. If the cap is hit, it will roll over into the next month as needed.

3. Bonus Pay: In order to promote competition between the hired writers, which ever top 2 writers have the most page views for articles written in a particular month will receive 15% of Tech Analyzer’s profit for that month. However, this bonus will only be rewarded if Tech Analyzer experiences a 10 percent increase in unique page views for that month.

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