Samsung to Release Galaxy S5 Variant with 2k Display

Recent reports have indicted that Samsung is gearing up to release a version of the Samsung Galaxy S5 that will include a display measuring in at 2560 x 1440, a new Samsung Exynos chip that is faster and more energy efficient than the Samsung Galaxy S5 and a new price tag. The variant currently [Read more...]

This is Why the Galaxy S5 Plastic Beats the iPhone 5S Aluminum

For a long time running, the construction of smartphones was a very simple thing: slap some glass on the front, some plastic on the back and smartphone was made. Over time, smartphone manufactures began developing and testing new form factors for smartphones. One of the more popular that was both [Read more...]

Invalid Arguments: Samsung Copied Apples Fingerprint Scanner

There's a world wide consensus that at every turn, left or right, Samsung is not only taking notes from Apple, but copying Apple in every way, shape and form possible. The courts believed it so and showcased the belief by awarding Apple the sum of 1 billion dollars on grounds of patent infringement. [Read more...]

Check Out Samsungs Official Hands on With the Galaxy S5

Samsung took the wraps off of their next flagship device at the start of Mobile World Congress 2014 over in Barcelona, Spain. Take a look at the official hands on by Samsung for the Samsung Galaxy S5. The video gives a pretty good idea of how much work Samsung continues to put into their camera and [Read more...]

Introducing the Samsung Galaxy S5

Samsung took the stage and kicked off Mobile World Congress 2014 by announcing and showcasing the Samsung Galaxy S5. The Samsung Galaxy S5 is Samsung's next flagship phone that will take over the reigns and accomplish what the Samsung Galaxy S4 couldn't. As reports suggested, the Samsung Galaxy S5 [Read more...]