This is Why the Galaxy S5 Plastic Beats the iPhone 5S Aluminum

For a long time running, the construction of smartphones was a very simple thing: slap some glass on the front, some plastic on the back and smartphone was made. Over time, smartphone manufactures began developing and testing new form factors for smartphones. One of the more popular that was both [Read more...]

Invalid Arguments: Samsung Copied Apples Fingerprint Scanner

There's a world wide consensus that at every turn, left or right, Samsung is not only taking notes from Apple, but copying Apple in every way, shape and form possible. The courts believed it so and showcased the belief by awarding Apple the sum of 1 billion dollars on grounds of patent infringement. [Read more...]

Tablet Wars: Samsung Sees Bigger Percentile Increase Over Apples iPad

According to Onswipe, a touchscreen publishing company, Samsung saw a huge percentage based jump over the holiday period. Straight from the mouth of Onswipe’s Chief Marketing Officer Jason Baptiste, “Samsung clearly won Christmas when it comes to tablets.” Taking a look at all Onswipe-optimized [Read more...]

iPhone 5: 4 Million Sold in First Weekend, Galaxy S3: 9 Million Before Launch

Update: People have come to me suggesting that Apple did not include devices that are yet to be signed off on. While I do not know where they are getting this information from, I do know that Apple never included that kind of information in their press release. Enlighten me in the comment section [Read more...]